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Best Seats in the House

Colleen MacIsaac, a part-time worker at the Savoy, thinks that the ghost of the Savoy appreciates good entertainment. “I was rehearsing for a show here in the summer, and while standing on stage, I could see that one of the seats -which were all empty- was turned down the way it is when someone is...


Media Shy Ghost

Savoy Theatre employee Jennifer Crocker was working on a show called Cape Breton Book of the Night, when she experienced some playful teasing by an unseen visitor. “The show was based around true ghost stories reported in Cape Breton. Whenever I was working on anything to do with the production, my computer would shut down....


Shadowy Figure

Don’t blink, or you might miss it! Hello – My name is Andrew Warner. I happened to be on the Savoy’s website where I read the ghost story section. I’d like to submit my own ghostly experience to the website. It’s been a few years since this has happened. I was involved in the Glace...


The grey haired lady

When I was about 7 or 8 my mom and I were at the box office buying tickets for a concert when i told my mom I had to go to the bathroom, she told me she would meet me in there. after I was done, I came out of the stall and my mom...