The grey haired lady


When I was about 7 or 8 my mom and I were at the box office buying tickets for a concert when i told my mom I had to go to the bathroom, she told me she would meet me in there. after I was done, I came out of the stall and my mom was there waiting for me by the sink, there was an old lady i saw, she had short grey hair and was wearing a baby blue sweater. i asked my mom who she was and i pointed to the wall where I saw her, and my mom
said, what lady, i kept pointing to her, but my mom didn’t see anything. About a year later, when I was visiting my uncle in Ontario, the day I was supposed to come home, we stopped at the bank for some money while my cousin and I stayed in the car and i saw an old lady, with short grey hair and a baby blue sweater on, staring right at me. after all, they do say that the things that can see ghosts the most are infants, animals, and children.

Thanks for listening to my story
~ Alanah Head, 12


Everybody Saw It!

During a performance of the Soda Shoppe Gang in late June 2002, a balloon, which had floated to the ceiling during a children’s concert days earlier, began to descend during the performance. At first, this wasn’t considered unusual as helium does eventually escape from balloons causing them to lose their buoyancy and float back to earth. But this balloon dropped to the centre of the theatre, just out of arm’s reach, then appeared to hover. It didn’t move with the flow of air from the air-conditioning, but it seemed to purposefully glide over the tops of heads in the audience, from one side of the theatre to the other, always out of reach from waiting hands. Then it gently floated back to the ceiling where it stayed for the rest of the concert. Many in attendance that night said they thought someone must have been deliberately moving the balloon, as its pattern of flight was not normal, and did have an air of peculiarity to it.