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Welcome to the Savoy Theatre!

Sandra KanchukThe Savoy Theatre means so many things to so many people. For me, the Theatre is an escape. An escape from the day to day, and for a couple of hours I can pretend I am back on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre or at Radio City Music Hall, Massey Hall in Toronto or the Dominion Theatre in London enjoying a show.

The moment I walk through those double doors, the first thing that I notice is the architecture. I marvel at the high vaulted ceilings, the chandelier, and the sheer craftsmanship of its beauty. Next, I am flooded by its history as I walk down the aisle to take my seat. I look around and I envision Sammy Davis Jr. dancing on the stage, or I see the vaudeville performers in their elaborate outfits singing and laughing. I think about all those that have been in this magnificent theatre, sitting in the same seats, staring at the same stage for the last 95 years… for me, it’s magical.

There is no other place in Nova Scotia where I can have that experience. One of my fondest memories of The Savoy is at a Jimmy Rankin concert in February in the early 2000’s. Jimmy, as usual, had the crowd ‘all fired up’ and then the power went out. A huge snowstorm had knocked out the power. Not missing a beat, the show continued acoustic style with the entire audience singing!

These are my memories of the Savoy Theatre. I hope your memories are as fond as mine and to those who have yet to visit… “what’s taking you so long”?

Enjoy the show!

– Sandra Kanchuk
Chair Savoy Theatre Society