Best Seats in the House


Colleen MacIsaac, a part-time worker at the Savoy, thinks that the ghost of the Savoy appreciates good entertainment. “I was rehearsing for a show here in the summer, and while standing on stage, I could see that one of the seats -which were all empty- was turned down the way it is when someone is sitting in it. That in itself means nothing since it could have been a loose seat that fell down when someone got out of it. But I left the stage to grab a prop, and when I came back, a different seat was turned down and the previous one was back up in the regular folded position.” Colleen laughs as she recounts the story with co-workers. “I mean it’s not a really big deal, but it’s kind of freaky just the same. Nobody was near the seats. We were all on the stage. So who moved it?”


Late Night Visitor

In 2002, Savoy box office manager Patricia Pace was working late one night selling the Savoy’s popular Dream Vacation Draw tickets. “I was alone in the building because I had come in after hours to call patrons.” After making all her phone calls for the evening, Patricia began the process of locking up the box office. She then made a quick trip to the washroom located in the Savoy’s inner lobby. “I was walking out of the washroom, drying my hands on a paper towel, so my head was down. Someone walked right in front of me and I had to literally stop to let them pass. It was an automatic reaction, a reflex. I think I may have even muttered the words ‘excuse me’.”

It was at that moment that fear set in. “It dawned on me that I had just stopped for someone when I was supposed to be alone. I looked all around, and there was no one in sight. But I know someone walked in front of me. The presence was so strong that it stopped me in my tracks. So I didn’t waste any time grabbing my purse and running out the door.”

The following day, as Trish recalled her story for other staff members, she pointed out that she wasn’t really afraid of whoever it was. “It didn’t give me a scary feeling when it walked by me, but it was something I couldn’t explain and so I guess THAT’S the scary part. If there are spirits dwelling here, that’s fine by me. Just as long as they keep to themselves!”