Media Shy Ghost


Savoy Theatre employee Jennifer Crocker was working on a show called Cape Breton Book of the Night, when she experienced some playful teasing by an unseen visitor. “The show was based around true ghost stories reported in Cape Breton. Whenever I was working on anything to do with the production, my computer would shut down. And this didn’t happen just a couple of times. It happened at least seven or eight times over the span of a week. I was ready to throw the computer out the window.”

But it seems there was more going on than just a buggy computer program. “The first time it happened, I tried everything to get the computer to come back on, that’s when I discovered it hadn’t just crashed the program, it was turned off from the back of the computer. To get at that button on the back of my computer tower, you have to crawl under my desk and pull the tower out. Something or someone kept turning the entire computer off, forcing me to do a complete system reboot.”

Jennifer says that it was more annoying than scary. “It was really frustrating, but I think that was the whole point. I started making other employees come with me when it would happen, just to prove I wasn’t crazy. People kept saying that I must have hit it myself or bumped into it and shut it off.”

To make sure that wasn’t what was happening, Jennifer tried to recreate the situation, by pushing the computer with her feet to try and shut it off. “No matter what I did, I couldn’t get that button to turn off on its own. I’m convinced that something or someone didn’t care for me drawing so much attention to Cape Breton spirits. Point taken.”


There’s No Such Thing as Ghosts!

Savoy Theatre technician Dave Bailey says there is no Savoy ghost. “I’m here alone more than anyone in this building, and no ghost has ever tapped me on the shoulder.” Dave refers to the Savoy Theatre ghost sightings, reported on and off since the 1970’s, as silly stories. “It’s an old building. The radiators creak, the plumbing makes noise, the lights flicker. But there are no spirits from the other side involved. People just get carried away when they’re alone and they hear noises.”

Dave has faithfully maintained that if there was someone from the other side haunting the building, he’d know who they were. “I’m sure I’d know them. So why wouldn’t they make themselves known to me? If there is a ghost, I wish he’d give me the lotto numbers or tell me something useful.”

But other staff at the Savoy aren’t so sure Dave really believes there’s nothing lurking in dark corners at the Theatre. “Dave has been here a long time. Maybe he had one of the first run-ins with the entity, and maybe he does know who they are. If that’s the case, it seems logical to me that Dave would want to protect the ghost,” comments Savoy Theatre manager Donald Ferguson. “Sort of a ‘you leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone’ type of deal.”

“Too many things happen here that nobody can make any sense of,” comments Jennifer Crocker. “I’ve had so many things happen to me that I don’t even bother telling anyone anymore. Noisy radiators don’t open and close doors.”