Savoy Ghost

Do you believe in ghosts?


The Savoy Theatre seems to have more than its fair share of unexplained happenings. Doors open and close unexpectedly, smells hang in the air with no apparent place of origin, and occasionally a strange apparition will show itself.

Opinions differ as to whether it could be the spirit of a man or a woman, but there are speculations amongst the current staff and volunteers that it could be a former employee of the 77 year-old building. Perhaps it could be someone who worked tirelessly for the Savoy during their time on earth, who chose to settle for the familiarity and comfort of the old theatre in his or her afterlife.

The ghost has never caused any real havoc, just fright at its sudden and unexpected appearance. In most cases, experiences have occurred when the witness is alone, although it has made at least one public appearance. (See story section).

For whatever reason the spirit has chosen to reside within the walls of the venerable site, the folks at the Savoy seem content to share the space. Most of the employees have their own stories to share regarding the entity, and there are a number of unexplained photos and sounds to testify that something “other worldly” may be going on.

So turn off a light or two, grab a nice warm cup of tea, and peruse our collection of stories, sounds and photos. And if you happen to have your own experience you’d like to share, contact us, and we’ll include it here.