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The Rocky Horror Show

On April 21st and 22nd, the Savoy Theatre will host auditions for its showing of The Rocky Horror Show coming to the main stage in October 2018, with permission from Samuel French. Director, Cynthia Lahey, Musical Director, Todd Marsh and Choreographers, Cynthia and Andrea Vokey are looking for the full cast from Frank ‘N’ Furter to Usherettes! This show requires singing, dancing, acting and those who are not afraid to be foolish on and off the stage. If you are thinking you’d like to try, please do so! We are open and excited to see various interpretations of characters from this cult classic.

*Please Note: This show is not appropriate for all audiences. Please ensure you are aware of the content before auditioning or allowing minors to audition. Age requirement: 16 years and over by June 1, 2018.

SHOW DATES: October 2018


Saturday, April 21, 2018 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Sunday, April 22, 2018 12 PM to 4 PM

Movement Session –

Sunday, April 22 – 10 AM – 11 AM or 6 PM – 7 PM

LOCATION: The Savoy Theatre, Main Stage


The Production Team are asking that all auditioning prepare excerpts from the Rocky Horror Show, which will be provided once you email to book an audition time. Each person will be asked to sing 1-2 excerpts from ensemble works as well as their choice of excerpt for a leading or featured character which best suits their vocal range.

We also invite those auditioning to come ready to show their personal take on the character for whom they are auditioning. Whether that means costuming, make-up, or movement with their song is up to each individual.

As well as an individual audition, each person will be asked to attend a movement audition from 6-8pm on April 22, Savoy Main Stage. In this session you will be taught basic choreography and asked to perform it in groups. We ask that you wear fitted dance wear and appropriate footwear for this session. This is a group format audition, therefore special time requests cannot be accommodated. Thanks for your understanding!

Please bring a short resume (1 page) of relevant musical and theatre experience with a 4×6 print of a recent photo. Please note we are looking for printed copies only, not digital. Thank you!

All individuals wishing to be part of The Rocky Horror Show must audition, both individually and in the movement sessions. If you have any questions, please send to the email below.

*Age Requirement: All those looking to audition must be 16 years of age by June 1, 2018.

Auditions: Sunday, April 22, 2018 from 12:30-4:30pm/6-8pm
To Book Email:

Please note: Walk-in auditions are not available. All times must be booked and confirmed with the team via the audition email provided.


Leads & Featured:

Trixie the Usherette
Female: Mezzo/Soprano *This is sometimes double cast with Magenta.
Rock belter. Opens show. Lively! Movement and interaction/improv skills needed. Will also be part of Ensemble 1. Age range 20s-40s.

Must be comfortable with light belting, but can also sound classical in head voice. Straight Heroine type. Wholesome, about to experience sexual awakening. Good movement skills. Age range 20s.

Straight Hero type. Wholesome, about to experience sexual awakening. Age range 20s.

Male/Female: Talk Singing/Various Vocal Ranges Suitable
Strong voice, good articulation. Possible non-singing role. Good timing and improv skills needed. Stage age of 35-50 years.

Riff Raff
Male: Tenor
A true rock screamer. Not your average handyman. Age range 20-30s.

Female: Mezzo-Soprano
Rock belter. A Groupie, in love with various characters. Dance experience or good movement skills needed. Age range 20s.

Female:Mezzo-Soprano, Alto *This is sometimes double cast with Trixie.
Rock belter. Speaks with Eastern European accent. Maid type on the kinky side. Riff Raff’s sister. Age range 20-30s.

Frank N Furter
Male: Baritone
Need a full-bodied voice able to do a range of voices. Comfortable and confident in minimal dress. Need we say more..? Age range 25-35.

Good vocal range. Must be in good shape and comfortable with wearing little clothing. May do dance lifts. Age range 25-35.

Male: Baritone *This is sometimes double cast with Dr Scot.
Biker look. Macho, but missing part of his brain… Age range 25 – 45.

Doctor Scott
Male:Talk Singing *This is sometimes double cast with Eddie.
Minimal movement. Possible German accent? Will require some makeup/wig work for a younger actor. Age range 45-55.


Transylvanians: Ensemble 1
Male and Female – All vocal ranges Casting 8-12 ppl
Will sing and dance a lot. Includes a lot of easy harmony singing, choral experience would be helpful. All ages 20+
Must be available 1-3 days a week Sept/Oct.

Ushers/Usherettes : Ensemble 2
Male and Female – All vocal ranges Casting 8-12 ppl
Must be able to keep melody and be comfortable interacting with audience. Minimal movement. All ages 20+
Must be available 1 day a week September to 3 days a week mid-October.

Stage Crew-sylvanians
Male and Female Casting 4-6 ppl
Must be coordinated, fast moving and able to lift and move set pieces. Will be in costume and required to attend some music rehearsals as well, but primary duties will be stage crew movements and will be required for rehearsals in October.

For More Information Contact:
Savoy Theatre
116 Commercial Street, Glace Bay